TASK and Plexure to jointly deploy solution for TANK

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TASK releases digital dine-in

Jun 11 2020
Company News

TASK releases digital dine-in.

Empower customers to control more elements of their visit from the security of their own smartphone.

Forming part of TASK’s contactless ordering series, digital dine-in is so simple for customers to use.

1. The customer scans a QR code at the table from their personal mobile device. This gives them a table number and allows them to access the menu

2. They order and pay for their meals

3. Meal is delivered to the table

How simple is that!

Your menu, on your customers device, powered by TASK’s platform – totally contactless.

Part of our Online Ordering platform.

See it in action.

get in contact to find out more or setup a demo to see how TASK online ordering could work for you.