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Sep 27 2019
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One of the things about running a business in the 21st century is the increasing technological complexity – particularly in the markets we service. Name any enterprise function you can think of, in virtually any sector, and there’s bound to be at least one specialist software application designed to alleviate the business challenges particular to that setting.

Running function- or department-specific software can undoubtedly deliver benefit, but it can equally create unanticipated integration headaches. That’s why we’ve made it our business to create a seamless communication environment for the discrete software platforms found in the many industries we support.

Communication is key

One of our long-standing clients is California’s famed Rubio’s Coastal Grill, based in Carlsbad near San Diego. Known for putting the fish taco on the map, Rubio’s has a reputation for delivering delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine that uses only the freshest produce and sustainably sourced seafood. The company demonstrates a strong customer-focus and constantly strives to find new ways of delivering an even better experience across all consumer touchpoints.

A TASK customer since 2013, Rubio’s recently decided to implement the US market leading Olo mobile and online food ordering platform and Punchh loyalty engine to better service its customers. An effective changeover depended on a solid base, so we helped create an environment that enabled Rubio’s to effectively transform their consumer facing technology stack.

Paul Nishiyama is VP of information technology at Rubio’s. He believes TASK was pivotal in the successful migration to the new systems.

“The key to everything has been both TASK’s willingness to work with us on integrating with those third-party systems, as well as it’s open platform.

“Not everyone plays nicely when it comes to integration, so it can be an onerous and fraught process. The fact that the TASK offering is an internet-hosted system gave us the flexibility we required.

“We now have those third-party systems talking directly to the TASK engine, while it does all the heavy lifting,” he said.

An API-first ethos

When it comes to integration, we believe APIs offer the best solution – and that’s why we promote and develop our products using an API-first approach. Thanks to our years of experience and ever-expanding developer network, we hold an extensive number of API’s in our library.

The Rubio’s team was able to draw on that library to bring the project to life.

“Having those APIs available and open has been extremely valuable. We made some tweaks to suit our requirements and, though it took some work from both sides to get there, the result was super seamless.

“The true litmus test was obviously the roll-out, and the amazing thing is that the stores didn’t even notice the change – that’s how we knew immediately that it was a success,” Nishiyama said.

A hands-on approach

The changeover timeframe for each new system deployment was around nine months from concept to execution. Nishiyama said TASK’s hands-on approach made the process as smooth as possible.

“One of the best things about working with TASK is that you’re getting the benefits that come with dealing with a large company and an established team of engineers and developers who know their stuff, but at the same time, you’re getting service levels and the strength of relationships you would normally associate with a small company.

“On the day of the roll-out for example, we had a TASK team member physically in our office so he could be on hand if required. You just wouldn’t get that level of personal support from one of the larger multi-national vendors,” he said.

Technology progression

There’s more in store at Rubio’s HQ, with our teams currently investigating deployment of a third-party inventory management system that will require integration. We are also holding initial discussions on implementation of self-serve ordering kiosks across the Rubio’s network of more than 200 restaurants in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada.

Nishiyama said this technology push is a sign of the times.

“Back in the day, IT was a support function and was basically tasked with just ensuring that things kept rolling. Today, the job of IT is increasingly to drive the business and that’s something we intentionally remain focused on.

“In our industry, companies that are good at technology are out-competing everyone else. The work we are doing to consistently enhance our service delivery is part of a strategic push to level the playing field. TASK’s ability to work with us and deliver what we need has allowed us to effectively and efficiently realise that undertaking,” he said.

When our clients inherently understand the value of technology in today’s service-based businesses and how it empowers them to deliver on customer expectations – and beyond – we feel like half our job has been done. We know we’ve developed the world’s most customisable transaction management platform and see our customers reaping the benefits every day.

If staying ahead of the competition and seeing better results matters to you, contact us today to find out more about the TASK solution.


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