TASK and Plexure to jointly deploy solution for TANK

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19.10 Release Notes

Nov 14 2019
Release notes


- Added Peoplesoft integration for inventory.

- Enhancements to loyalty rewards triggering push notifications.

- Ability to filter members by EGMMemberID on the GET Members endpoint.

- Added ability to configure contact us and user agreement URL for loyalty apps.

- Improvements to payments with saved cards.

- Improvements to online orders.

- Improvements to menu flow items.

- Improvements to active flagging for free products in online ordering.


- Improvements to terminal cache downloading for card surcharging.

- Improvements to surcharge assignments if percentage amounts are 0%.

- Added TerminalBusinessMonths table to data warehouse.

- Improvements for downloading table layouts to Point.


- Improvements to venue assignment for surcharge schema.

- Improvements to Duress integration.

- Improvements to email notification template saving.

- Improvements to campaign schedules in member campaigns.

- Improvements to product stock UI.

- Improvements to bulk stock transfers UI.

- Improvements to menu flow special price selection saving.

- Improvements to stock valuation any date report.

- Improvements to assigning products to multiple PLU key types in keypad designer so that already added products are removed from the list of still available products to assign.

- Improvements to searching by category in product access tab within product setup.


- Client specific enhancements and refinements.

- Improvements to switching to order screen on Kiosk after successful card payment.

Mobile Applications

- Client specific enhancements and refinements.


- We have moved Opera integration connection details to XchangeNet.

Online Ordering

- Client specific enhancements and refinements.

- UI refinements for mobile devices.

- UI enhancements for medium / large devices when opening cart modal.

- UI enhancements to home page for empty bag.

- Improvements to future orders.

- Improvements to menu rules.

- UI enhancements to disabled locations.

- Improvements to product images.

- Improvements to step through modal rules.


- Improvements to payroll deduct for extended logging when processing payment transaction.

- Improvements to payroll deduct when cancelling the transaction.

- Added Wright Express gift card integration.

- Improvements to Wright Express gift card integration.

- Improvements to terminating background process when point has been closed.

- Improvements to payroll deduct.

- Improvements to surcharge clerk ID population.

- Improvements to calculating sale total when using Punchh coupons on pick up orders.

- Improvements for finalising Punchh member transactions.

- Improvements for rounding sale total on tables to 2 decimal places for tables shown in Table Layout.