TASK and Plexure to jointly deploy solution for TANK

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19.07 Release Notes

Aug 19 2019
Release notes


- Improvements to push notifications.

- Improvements to posting online orders.

- Improvements to member processing.

- Improvements to favourite orders.

- Improvements to email templates.

- Added sendtoprinters flag for online order model.

- Added discounting enhancements.

- Added ability to post orders with FavoriteID.

- Added free products availability templates.

- Improvements to OLO integration.

- Enhancements to pick up times.

- Improvements to gift card rollback transactions.

- Enhancements to discounts on receipts.

- Improvements to member points pools.

- Enhancements to invoicing.

- Enhancements to Punchh integration.


- Improvements to member mobile numbers.

- Improvements to Great Plains reporting.

- Improvements to Punchh integration discount methods.

- Improvements to Punchh integration loyalty barcodes printing.

- Enhancements to clerk labour summary.

- Enhancements to data warehouse product data.

- Enhancements to leading segments on GL codes.

- Added reporting media numbers to terminal menu flow settings.

- Improvements to non member vs member summary.

- Improvements to daily stock valuation.

- Enhancements to location sales data by trading period.


- Enhancements to member surveys.

- Improvements to exporting transaction viewer results.

- Improvements to creating API keys.

- Enhancements to purchase templates load times.

- Improvements to excel export.

- Improvements to purchase order "approval all" email notifications.

- Enhancements to forecasting load times.

- Enhancements to purchase orders.

- Enhancements to stocktakes.

- Added active product filtering for products.

- Added stocktake filters.

- Added purchase order approval changes.

- Added extended purchase order supplier contact details.


- Client specific enhancements and features.

- Enhancements to menu view.

- UI refinements to 'add more' button padding.

- UI refinements to selected category.

- Enhancements to kiosk receipts.

Mobile Applications

- Implemented Facebook ads SDK.

- Improvements to QR codes on iPhone XR devices.

- Client specific enhancements and features.

- Improvements for Android.

- Introduced automatic tests.

- Push notification enhancements.

Online Ordering

- Client specific enhancements and refinements.


- Improvements to email receipts.

- Improvements to recipe swaps.

- Improvements to gift cards.

- Improvements to Punchh integration.